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QRS – The Energy of Life

Energy is the capacity for working.
Every living being, every human and all their cells are energy systems. (“Man is a self-regulating energy system”) With the help of oxygen and the energy conveyors (carbohydrates and fat) the cell energy (ATP) is produced in the mitochondrion – which is the highly specialized biochemical power plant of the cells. In this way carbon dioxide, water and a number of other waste products arise. This process is called metabolism. 50 % of the total energy produced in a cell is used to build up the electric potential of the cell membrane. This membrane potential of 70 to 90 mV is necessary for ensuring a well-regulated metabolism. When the voltage minimally drops below 70 mV, the metabolism is highly inhibited. This causes energy deficiency, decreased performance, and a too early cell death. Chronic diseases arise, when the energy deficiency is concentrated on a particular body region or organ.

Energy deficiency is the nr 1 Cause of Disease.
In spite of the fact, that man in the developed industrial countries is living in abundance, he/she is suffering from energy deficiency. The energy of Life is based on Electro Magnetism. The currents, voltages, and magnetic fields, which man produces in motion in the form of nerve and muscle potentials, are of vital importance.
Lack of exercise, incorrect nutrition, and the affect of stress and the environment damages man’s organism. He loses his “energy balance”. The cells can no longer fulfil their tasks. As a result, a negative, downward spiral is begun, manifesting itself in decreased performance, a too early aging, degeneration and chronic diseases.

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