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Scientific Proof

Pictures taken with a
heat-sensitive camera.
Time: 8.52

Result of our studies for Dr Fischer AG with thermographic description of body temperature changes before, during, and
after QRS treatment.

Time: 8.53

Due to an improved blood circulation during the QRS treatment a raising of the temperature by about 1,2 º C on the skin surface
takes place.

Time: 8.58

Oberarzt Dr. med. G. Grohmann
Prof. Dr. Ing. M. Krauß
Prof. Dr. Dr. J. Waldmann
Chemnitz 1997

Pictures taken with a
heat-sensitive camera.
Time: 10.11 28.2.1997
Effect of Quantronic Therapy QRS with the appliance
Salut 1 (level 5) and the energy pillow.
The patient is a 43-year-old woman with a hypotonia
(low blood pressure)

Time: 10.15

The thermograph clearly shows an improved blood circulation
and a higher temperature by 2,6 ° C.

Time: 10:19

The systolic blood pressure changes within 8 minutes
after the beginning of the treatment from 100 to 118,
the diastolic pressure from 58 to 72.

The blood volume is larger, due to an increased transport of
oxygen and vital energy substances to the cell.

Dr. med.G. Grohmann
Friedrich-Shiller-Universität Jena
Prof. Dr. ing. habil. M. Krauß, Chemnitz
Prof. Dr. Ing. habil mult. J. Waldmann

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