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2014-07-16 19:00:00
Why does QRS Therapy Work?
Quantronic Resonance System is the conclusion of 20 years of research on different magnetic therapies. QRS is the key to how and why magnetic therapy works.
Picture from IMM ( Institut für Molecular Medizin).

Man is not capable of survival without influence from the natural earth magnetic field, because it guarantees an optimal supply of oxygen for all the cells of the human body.
Man is created to move, i. e. muscle work in the magnetic field of the earth. The work needed to maintain full energy production and ensure the voltage of the cells is equivalent to a 15 km walk every day. The O2 molecules bound to the oxygenous haemoglobin are released from the iron nucleus through the influence of an electromagnetic field and its antipolar magnetization of iron atoms and porphyrin rings, and are thus released.

1. Picture of Haemoglobin ( Hb) consisting of the protein globin, an iron nucleus and a porphyrin ring around that nucleus. When O2 is being bound to the iron nucleus, we are talking about ”oxygenous oxygen”, and when O2 again is released at the ends of the capillaries, we are talking about an Hb, deficient of oxygen.

So the principle is as follows:
The brain sends a signal to a muscle to perform a work. The muscle cells then have to increase the energy by increasing the metabolism. Additional hydrogen ions (H +) are then secreted from the cells into the blood, which is getting ”acid” and the PH value decreases. This is immediately compensated! Energy is not consumed, but it changes.
The energy transformation takes place because of:
The work of the muscle cell brings about a motion of haemoglobin molecules of the blood.
The iron nuclei of the molecules make them “spin” in the magnetic field.
The energy increases in the porphyrin rings and the O2 molecules are released.
The released oxygen molecules penetrate into the cells and give a reaction together with glucose, fatty acids and amino acids
This combustion process is called oxidation and transforms the food we eat into heat, water and ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) molecules (the energy reserve of the cell and by that also of the body).
If we need more energy, the ATP molecules are being split and start the metabolism. The so-called “sodium-potassium pump” is stimulated, additional hydrogen ions are being separated, and the blood becomes ”acid”. The work brings about the energy increase, which releases oxygen atoms etc.--- The cycle comes to an end. --- So far, so good!
But what happens, if the body gets too little oxygen, by any cause like stress, disease, too little exercise, unhealthy food, poisons, medicines and too little water etc.?
In that case the voltage of the cell membranes decreases.
From 70 - 110 mV in healthy cells,
to 40 - 50 mV in sick cells
and 20 - 30 mV in cancer cells.

When this electromagnetic transformation occurs, the whole mineral balance changes, and certain minerals start ”falling out” of the extracellular fluid and of the blood.
These minerals heap up in so-called “mineral depots”.
If these minerals settle in the joints, arthritis will arise.
If they settle in the eyes, cataract will arise.
The electric signal transport can be influenced. Then the muscles respond poorly or we get spasms like MS and CP.
Acidification and lack of energy and oxygen will also cause pain, inflammations and other diseases.

The less oxygen present in the cells, the more pain we will feel.

The cause of every chronic pain and disease is lack of oxygen, acidification, and lack of energy on the cellular level. It is estimated that about 120 different diseases are related to lack of energy.
The knowledge that magnetic materials have influenced people is known all over the world since times immemorial. But nobody has really understood why.
But such is the case with all known energy transformations. We have used them long before we understood how they work.

The development of our civilisation could be described as our capacity for taming energies.
We have learnt to tame and manage the energies of fire, water, steam, oil and nuclear power.
Due to the latest 20 years’ research of quantum physics, regulation techniques and resonance on the cell level there has appeared a system working with pulsating D.C. fields ”with only body characteristic frequency patterns”, a low field intensity and a patented curve.
This Quantronic Resonance System has now lead to several patented and documented products, handy for the user, without any known side effects at all.
Among these products is a microcomputer working with a special double saw tooth pulse, which in a pulsating low frequency magnetic field ”forces” the oxygen molecules to free themselves from their “conveyor”, the haemoglobin.
The surplus of oxygen then arising is used for removing waste products and for the metabolism in the cells, and for building up the voltage of the cells.
It is easy to imagine this process:
The sawtooth-formed signal carries out the same work as when you push a merry-go-round, but here it pushes the iron nucleus of the haemoglobin molecule and imitates Nature’s energy transformation, which I described in the beginning of this article.
This guarantees a permanent oxygen supply of our cells, tissues, organs, and finally our whole body.
A treatment entirely without known side effects.

We can never feel better than our cells do.

Published by Kai Boman, 2014-07-16 19:00:00 (kai.boman@novato.se).
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