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2017-03-16 11:01:00
Health and vitality at every age

Cell aging
is controllable
If you service your car regularly it will give you more miles.
The same applies to the human body. When all cells are
continuously supplied with nutrients and energy on a
high level, they will live longer. The difference between
healthy and ill body cells can be described easily: A healthy
cell has a membrane voltage of between 70 and 110 mV.
With ill cells the voltage goes down to 50 to 70 mV. Cancerous
cells can be as low as 20 mV.
The continuous flow of nutrients and energy set off by
Quantum therapy ensures that the tension of your body
cells will never drop below the critical mark of 70 mV. At
the same time, optimum oxidation of the nutrient compounds
in the cell (energy production) prevents the generation
of free radicals which are responsible for cell aging.
Cells could live for 130 years?
...but due to our recent lifestyles, energy deficiencies in
the human organism can hardly be avoided. Cell tension
and intracellular energy production are reduced and premature
cell aging begins. This detrimental process can be
stopped with QRS.

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