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The Recipe for Success for Physicians: Quantum Therapy

New Opportunities in Medicine

QRS® quantum therapy
QRS - the first modular physician-patient system in magnetic field therapy
- For the first time, physicians can treat indications in a direct and controlled way with exactly characterized and defined
magnetic fields, preventing the risks of inefficaceous treatment or even side-effects due to too high field strengths or
wrong frequencies.
- Each man and woman (and also animals) has his/her own individual biological amplitude range that is established with
a patented feedback system (Pat.no. EP 0 729 318 B1).
- The decisive factors for optimum magnetic field therapy are the cardiovascular parameters. Therefore, the physician enters
them (i.e. pulse and blood pressure) into the QRS device via a keyboard. The device compares these values with the amplitude
range determined by the applied feedback system. As a result, the computer fully automatically calculates a precise
optimum for the required therapy.
- Unlike most magnetic field therapy devices, the fully automatic QRS system does not require more than 100 programs or field
strengths that never have been assessed, neither scientifically nor clinically, and that would be impossible to adjust by
- As an absolute worldwide novelty, the physician can download individual patient programs, required intensities, and
the required therapy duration from the QRS system to the patient chip card that will be handed to the patient for home
therapy. The physician can also monitor the therapy and may even change therapeutic parameters whenever necessary.

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