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Use of the Quantron Resonance System at the Giro d'Italia

On 05/13/95, the Giro d'Italia started in Perugia (Italy), and 5 teams were equipped with the Quantron Resonance System. During the Italian tour, a QRS consultant had phone contact daily with all 5 teams and visited them regularly at several halting places. The results of the use of QRS were different from team to team and from cyclist to cyclist. These results depended on the consistency of usage. This was due to the fact that not all cyclists had time to use the QRS multiple times a day. Therefore, cyclists who did have time to use the QRS daily had better results. Mr. Chiappucci* of the Carrera team used the QRS from the start of the tour, and used it 3 -5 times a day. He noticed that he regenerated much faster than he usually did, and that energy flowed into his body each day of the tour. He realized that, due to QRS, he was without influenzas or colds during the whole tour. (Mr. Fondriest* had to give up because of influenza). Mr. Chiappucci was so enthusiastic about his results that he is selling the QRS. QRS has become his companion; he will also use it in the Tour of Catalonia and the Tour de France.

Doctors and masseurs of the Gewiss team experienced improvement by their major cyclist, Mr. Furlan. Mr. Furlan* had a fracture in his fibula muscle, which was resolved by QRS. Masseurs experienced that QRS treatment followed by a massage had a much bigger impact than a massage without a QRS treatment.
Due to a similar muscle problem, the starting of Mr. Ugromow* (Russia) in the next day's race was seriously questioned. Thanks to QRS treatment, Mr. Ugromow was able to join the race of the next day.
Also the Mapei team, of Giro D'Italia winner Tony Rominger*, used the QRS. The well-known sports doctor, Dr. Ferrari Michele*, tested the all-round applications of the QRS daily. Tony Rominger kept himself in optimal shape in the Tour de France with the QRS.
Giro d'Italia: 3-week-event, similar to the Tour de France. Held in Italy, covering over 2000 miles all across Italy. Second largest cycling event, after the Tour de France.
Chiappucci, Claudio: Italian cyclist. Was always in the leading edge, but did not win often. Won Milano - SanRemo and the Tour of the Basque Provinces in 1991.
Fondriest, Maurizio: Italian cyclist. World champion in 1988 and won the Midi Libre, Milano - SanRemo and the Walloon Arrow in 1993. -
Furlan, Giorgio: Italian cyclist. Won the International Criterion and Milano - SanRemo in 1994, the Walloon Arrow and the Tour of Switzerland in 1992.
Rominger, Tony: Swiss cyclist. Won the Giro d'Italia in 1995, the Tour of Spain in 1992, 1993 and 1994, the Tour of Burgos in 1996 and the Tour of Lombardy in 1989 and 1992.
Ugromow, Piotr: Russian cyclist, won nothing of importance, but was always close.
Michele, Ferrari: Well-known sports doctor (Italy), who accompanied many national and international athletes

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