2002-12-04 21:23:00
. If QRS changes the blood values, what is changed and in how long?

a. It takes about four weeks for the blood values to change.
b. The partial oxygen pressure normalises after about four weeks and then increases to above normal
c. The pH normalises after three to six weeks
d. The percentage of cholesterol improves after three to four months - sometimes it takes longer
e. The calcium and magnesium mirror takes four to six months to improve significantly
This means that QRS has to be applied for an extended period of time to obtain positive results. A clinical trial of 122 patients revealed that after four weeks of application, 67% no longer had symptoms, 30% had less symptoms and 3% had no change. It took up to one year to have a universally positive result with positive influences on even the worst cases.

Published by Stewart Penny den 2002-12-04 21:23:00 (qrsinternational@bigpond)
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